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Aadhar EnrolmentAadhar Enrolment

Aadhar Enrolment

WEF 01.10.2021, Any ASK Member who wants to offer / open Aadhar Enrolment Center, have to be a Bank CSP. Aadhar Lisence can be activated only when Bank CSSP is active.

For Aadhar Enrolment Center, ASK Members need to pay the one time activation fee Rs 32,500.00 + administrative fee of  2500.00 alongwith LOI & PCC Certificate. After Application submission, legal team will inspect the site and submit the report to bank. Within 45 working days Banking services will be activated by Bank. in case of rejection of application due to wrong data, administrative fee of 2500.00 will be debited and Rs 22,500.00 of activation fee will be refunded.


(All Above Mentioned Fee are excluding Taxes)